Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leafy Fairy Hat

This hat kind of took me over. I wanted another hat I could put my hair through (I love hats where you can pull your hair through. In the morning I have to take my daughter to school and I love not having to mess with my hair. It gives me more time to drink coffee LOL) but I wanted it to be a fairy hat. How could I do that? Fairy hats have long tails and putting my hair through wouldn't look right. So The Lord of the Rings popped into my head. It always does. It is one of my all time favorite movies. I remembered someone saying that when they were building the Elven city that they tried to think like the elves and then they made the city around the trees instead of cutting them down. So I tried to think like a fairy and what they would have to work with and then I got the idea to make a hat out of leaves. Yah sometimes I am sure I don't think like most people. That is a pretty big stretch for inspiration haha but that is what happened. I had a little modeling issue because I can't get the wig on my mannequin head to go through the top of the hat and still look alright so I had to model. If you can't see the pics either click on them or right click on them and select view picture. I have the pattern available in My Etsy Shop for $3 if anyone is interested. What do you think?

I felt the hat needed something so I added vines and flowers on a hair tie. Plus I played around with the background a little. I just wanted to try something different :)

I also had some fun playing around with different ways to make pictures look more fairy like. I love rainbows so this is a favorite with the edges.

and here is the hat with my hair coming out the top

I also wanted to post these pics. I made my husband a Metroid for Yule. I gave it to him in a jar so it would look like I captured him a Metroid lol yah I am a geek but he loved it :)

and here is my daughter with the Brown Pony I made her. She loved it!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fantasy Fae Slouch Hat

I found this absolutely beautiful yarn Bernat Mosaic Psychedelic. I just had to make a new hat with it. I couldn't decide if I wanted to design another slouchy hat or a fairy one. I decided to just do both. I think it turned out so pretty. I can't wait to make more stuff that yarn ;D

The pattern is available at My Etsy store for $3

What do you think?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Double Tail Santa Hat

I was watching a Christmas episode of Big Bang Theory with my husband and I saw that Penny had the CUTEST Santa hat. I just had to make one. Yah I'm a huge geek lol Christmas is just around the corner and I thought it was the perfect time to make a Santa hat ;) I know it isn't a replica of Penny's Hat. It is only inspired by her hat. I wanted to put my own twist on it. I have the pattern available in my etsy shop for $3 if anyone in interested. It was tricky to write so go easy on me. What do you think?

Here is a link that might help out if you are trying to do cables

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kitsune Fox Hat

I am Crafty Kitsune
My Super Power is Crochet
I grab a hook and then I play
I’m Crafty Kitsune


I couldn’t decide what to be for Halloween so I thought Why not make my own super hero costume? So that is what I did. Yah, I am a little eccentric haha. I can't help it. I love Halloween :)

Okay, now onto the hats. My Sister-in-Law Jenny inspired the hat. I have loved foxes for a while and consider them to be one of my Spirit Guides. We were talking about hats and she mentioned that she loved foxes and that a fox hat would be awesome. I love foxes too so I just had to make one :)

My daughter wanted to be a Kitty for Halloween so I figured I would make her a hat so she wouldn’t freeze. (Last Halloween was really cold) She loves orange so of course I had to find an Orange colored yarn haha.

What do you think? If you can't see the pictures either click on them or right click and select view picture. I have the patterns available in my ETSY SHOP for $3 if anyone is interested :) You must use the same yarn in the pattern or a really chunky yarn for the hat or else the pattern won't turn out right.

NOTE: I know this is unrelated but I feel it needs to be addressed. If you order a pattern from me and for some reason don't receive it within 24 HOURS of cleared payment. Contact me immediately. Please don't leave me negative feedback. If you don't contact me I have no way of knowing you didn't receive it. All kinds of things happen. Sometimes it goes in the spam folder. Maybe the e-mail address was wrong ect... Negative feedback hurts my shop and my feelings. I try really hard to help people with anything I can. I am not intentionally ignoring anyone. If I don't respond within a day e-mail me again. Like I said before, things happen. I don't mind really. Reminders help. I don't see it as a bother. I really do want to help. Thank You.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fairy Earflap Hat

I was walking to school with my daughter and she turned to me and said, "Mommy my ears are cold." The hat she was wearing was stretched out and kept falling off or sliding back off her head. I told her I would make her a new hat with ear flaps and her face lit up. "Make it orange mommy." LOL orange is her favorite color so she wants everything to be orange. After I walked home I started thinking about what she likes. She likes orange, stars, long "Link hats" as she calls them, and Braids. So I figured I would add earflaps and combine everything she likes. I also made an adult version. What do you think? I have the pattern for sale in my ETSY SHOP for $3. It includes both the child and adult versions.

The orange hat reminds me of Jayne's hat from Firefly lol

Monday, August 30, 2010

Secret Compartment Crochet Picture *Free Tutorial*

I crocheted this Phantom mask about a year ago but I got the idea to make it into a secret compartment picture last night. Here is a tutorial on how to do it :)

Take your crocheted piece and trace it on some plastic canvas. Cut it out, then trace the plastic canvas on some cardboard and cut it out. My work was bigger than a full piece of plastic canvas so I had to sew a couple pieces together. I also didn't have a full piece of cardboard so I had to duct tape a few pieces together too.

Then cut out the cardboard and cover in duct tape

cut a piece of plastic canvas a little shorter than the other piece of plastic canvas for the hidden pocket

Lay design out, put the cardboard piece behind the design, place plastic canvas on top of that and cut some small pieces of yarn and tie it all around to hold it into place when sewing around the edge.

sew around the edge and attach a loop so you can hang it

get some paper and fold in half, slide it into the pocket, That way it will be easier to get stuff out of the pocket and it makes your stuff not visible at first. This is great for hiding money, pictures, letters, ect...

Here is the pattern for the Phantom Mask for those of you who want it :)

What do you think?

If you do make a picture hanging please link back to me :)
1. I would love to see what you come up with and
2. It helps me out.
Thanks :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dreamy the Blue Dragon

I just wanted to touch on some topics because I have received all kinds of mail over the summer and there are some things I want to address. I am not a big business. I am a stay at home mother who does this on the side. I have a life outside of this. Family comes before anything else. I’m sorry if it takes me forever to respond if I do at all. Stuff happens. I will have more time once school starts but I have been super busy spending time with my Daughter and Husband so I haven’t been online as much as I used to. I am one person. No one else is helping me. I do everything. So please keep that in mind before you post things. I have feelings and I get hurt easily that is just a part of who I am so please try and be nice. I am human and make mistakes too. I just wanted to touch on these things. Some people have been very mean to me in their letters and it hurts. I’m not talking about problems with patterns (I am always happy to try and help with my patterns) I am talking about people’s voicing their opinion of my stuff. If you don’t like my creations please just move along. I also want to say Thank You to everyone who has commented and said encouraging things. This always makes me feel good and can sometimes make my whole day. Thank you again :D

Ok now on to the Dragon lol

This Dragon came to me in a dream like so many of my other creations lol I haven’t been crocheting lately because it has been sooooooooooo hot and I have been running around with my Daughter going here and there enjoying the summer. He just kind of sprung up on me and after a week of putting it off because I knew it was going to take a long time. I finally decided to make him so he would get out of my mind LOL. My Daughter and I named him Dreamy the Blue Dragon. While I was making him she kept running off with him. I kept telling her it wasn’t done yet but she couldn’t wait. He hasn’t left her arms since I finished. I had to pry him away to take pics. It makes me so happy when I can make something for her that she loves more than store bought toys. Anyways here are some pics. What do you think? If you can't see the whole picture right click on it and select view picture. I have the pattern available in My Etsy Store for $8.20. It is 12 pages long with lots of pictures :)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Dreams Baby Hat

I have a few friends who are pregnant right now so I decided to attempt some baby stuff. Here is the hat I made. What do you think? I have the pattern available for $3 in my etsy shop if anyone is interested.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Crochet Book Cover

My Grandma used to make book covers like this out of plastic canvas. I am not a fan of filling in that much plastic canvas so I thought I would do this instead. I needed a cover for my Diary so I decided to crochet one ;D I don't have a pattern because books come in all different sizes but I do have an explanation on how to do it. If you can't see the picture right click on it and select view picture. What do you think?

This one is mine :)

here is one I made for my mother in law (it is all soft and comfy)

I made this one for my husband. A moogle on the front and NIN on the back

Here is how I did it:
Figure A in the picture.

Get a piece of news paper and lay the book out open in the middle.

Trace the book. Cut out piece and then cut an extra centimeter off of the border.(the pink area in picture A)

Crochet a rectangle that size.

Pick a border color and crochet around the whole thing.

Figure B
Measure and cut 2 pieces of plastic canvas (see purple in picture B)

Figure C
Sew around the edge of plastic canvas to the inside of the crocheted piece. plastic canvas should be on the inside of the book's front and back cover.

slide piece onto book :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mad Hatter *Inspired* Hat

I just saw Alice and Wonderland and had to make the hat ;D It was a bit tedious to make, but I think it was worth it. What do you think? I have the pattern available for $3 in my etsy shop if anyone is interested.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dark Wizard Hood

I play D&D so I was inspired to make this because my Wizard wears a hood like this ;D What do you think? I have this pattern available for $3 in my etsy store if anyone is interested :)