Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Team Vampire Slouch Hat

I have an obsession with cables lately so don't be surprised if my next few projects have cables. I made this the night New Moon came out on DVD and I wanted to wear it while I was waiting in line at midnight haha. What better than a blood red slouchy hat? :) Like I have said before, I am not good at naming things. Team Vampire seemed appropriate for the mood was in :) What do you think?
The pattern available for $4.99 at Annie's Attic.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lucky Slouchy Hat

I wanted to have a hat for Saint Patrick's Day so I came up with this. I am really loving cables lately :) It has an Irish feel to it so I just called it Lucky Slouchy hat. (I'm not really good at naming things lol) What do you think? The pattern is available at Annie's Attic for $4.99
Thanks for looking :)

I hope Everyone had a Happy Saint Patrick's Day ;D

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Child's Pixie Hat

I made myself the Dark Faery Slouch Hat so I decided to make my daughter a hat too. She is never happy with a hat unless it has a lot of Orange in it. Why does my daughter's favorite color have to be one of my least favorite colors? LOL I came up with this. It has a scarf too so now I won't have to deal with her coming home an saying another kid choked her with her scarf (hopefully). With the scarf attached it is less of a hassle to get her ready to go out. Just pull it on and it is done :) Also she shouldn't lose her hat if it falls off her head. I personally don't like the color combination but that is just me. The colors go together well, but I would have chosen some other color haha. Oh well the things we do to please our kids. What do you think? This pattern is available in My Etsy Store for $3.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dark Faery Slouch Hat

I had a dream about this hat. I woke up and then had to make it. It is pretty much the only thing I remember about the dream besides lots of trees lol. What do you think? This pattern is now available in my Etsy shop for $3.

(It is hard to take a picture of the side of your head in a bathroom mirror LOL)

Here it is with it worn up on the forehead

for some reason this hat reminds me of a witch hat. Someone else also told me it reminds them of the Lord of the Rings. Now I think of Gandalf when I look at it haha. I have been watching the movies a lot lately. Maybe it was in my subconscious or something hehe.

Here it is worn off the back of the head a little bit so it is slouchy