Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sanctuary Perler Bead Sign

This sign was inspired by Sherrilyn Kenyon (My favorite author).
Here is the pattern, you can use it for crocheting too ;) This is for personal use only. I have it separated into 29x29 square sections so you know how many large pegboards to use if you are using Perler Beads. I think it makes it easier to do this way, that is just my opinion.

Here is what it looks like on the wall. I put it above the door to my closet/indoor garden. It is kind of like a sanctuary.

Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Crochet on top of a project

How to Crochet on top of a project

Video: Tips on reading a pattern

How to Crochet: Tips on reading a chart

Tips on Reading a Chart

How to Crochet: Switching Colors

How to Switch Colors

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Styxx Phoenix Free Pattern

Here is the Styxx symbol I made out of perler beads. Styxx is a character Sherrilyn Kenyon created. She is an amazing author, I love all of her work. Very adult (unless you read her young adult series) you have been warned lol.

Here is the pattern. You can use it for Crocheting too :)

Here it is on my wall with the Acheron Symbol I made. If you are a fan like me and want to make the Acheron symbol too Click here for the pattern.

 Let me know if you make anything with this pattern. I would enjoy seeing pics :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fairly Oddparents Cosmo and Wanda Perler Beads

This is NOT my pattern. I could not find the original creator(s). I did a search online and the Cosmo pattern came right up. After a lot of searching I found someone who did a Wanda but the picture was kind of hard to see. Again I couldn't find the original creator. If that was you, please give me a link so I can credit you for the pattern and thanks, it is awesome!

Here is a picture of them on our wall:

Here is a close up of Wanda so you can make one too :) If you do a search for "Cosmo Perler Bead Pattern" it will come right up. You can use it for Crocheting too! Just pretend the pegs are squares.

Doctor Who crack in the wall Free Pattern

I made this crack in the wall with glow in the dark perler beads.

Here is the pattern. You can use it for Crocheting too :)

Here is what I have on my wall. The Sonic Screwdrivers are NOT my pattern. You can find them by doing a google search. Have Fun!