Thursday, March 20, 2014


These three are my own personal designs. If anyone is interested send me a message through my Etsy Store. Each necklace takes about 2 days to make. I will only be selling them to US customers because shipping is so expensive. They are $15 plus $5.00 shipping. I also take orders. If you would like your own picture made into a necklace, contact me, and we might be able to work something out :)

My Family:

These I made for fun. Venom for my Husband, Rainbow Dash for my daughter, and the other 3 are mine :) (Joss Whedon, Doctor Who, and The Fountain):

These are from my favorite book series by Sherrilyn Kenyon:


Oly said...

I love the Rainbow Dash and the Dr Who <3 It is cute

AprilDraven said...

Thanks :)