Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stars the black kitten

I made this for my daughter. She kept bugging me to make a kitty. So I made her on finally. Then after I made it she was mad that it wasn't orange. She played with it anyway though LOL. She has this new obsession with stars so when I asked her what it's name was she said STARS ;D
Pattern available in My Etsy Shop if anyone is interested.

Thanks for Looking ;D


Unique2wh0 said...

Your kitty cat is really cute. I think kids just want to test us...don't you? Your eyes are awesome I wish you did a tut on how to do that...(not that I could do it by no means) LOL but just wondered how you did it :)
All your work is so nice and thank you for the free patterns you share April :)

AprilDraven said...

Thank You :D I sell a lot of my patterns. They all have picture tutorials in them. It is really easier than it looks. I invented this particular technique so I am charging until I get a book published then I can do a tutorial for free :D

Unknown said...

Such a cute little kitty! You're very talented! :)

hotangel22 said...

hi ! i just found you with the bella hat ..cool ~! but i had to set up an account just to tell you ~OMG YOU ROCK ! I LOVE THIS KITTY !! i have scene a ton of pets patterns and they all have the snap on eyes and nose parts ....i have never scene a crocheted complete face !!! i love it !

AprilDraven said...

Thanks! *blushes*