Sunday, May 2, 2010

Doctor Who Doll Adjustments

Ok so a lot of people have asked me to write up a pattern for my Doctor Who doll. I finally just got my notes made into a pattern. It is actually adjustments to my Phantom of the opera doll. (I sell the pattern for the phantom doll in my Etsy Store) Here are the adjustments to that pattern:

The 10th Doctor
© April Folts 2009

These are the alterations to the Phantom of the Opera doll I made.


Begin with White
Rnd 6: Switch colors to Cream
Rnd 10: Switch colors to Dark Brown


Color B is Dark Brown
Color C is White

Do no sew on until after you attach the jacket
Color A is skin color
Color C is Tan (Jacket Color)

Collar is White

Jacket (Do not make cape)

Row 1: Ch 34, sc in 2nd Ch from hook
Row 2-31: Ch 1, sc in each sc, turn (30 rows)
Row 32: Sc around entire piece, FO
Sew jacket on then sew arms on so there is a little flap of the jacket in front. Then with Tan (Jacket color) sc around the collar, over the arms then around the whole jacket.

Use Pipe cleaners for the Glasses and eyebrows.

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