Friday, March 19, 2010

Lucky Slouchy Hat

I wanted to have a hat for Saint Patrick's Day so I came up with this. I am really loving cables lately :) It has an Irish feel to it so I just called it Lucky Slouchy hat. (I'm not really good at naming things lol) What do you think? The pattern is available at Annie's Attic for $4.99
Thanks for looking :)

I hope Everyone had a Happy Saint Patrick's Day ;D


Suburban Hooker said...

Mine turned out GREAT!!!
Thank you April!!

Christine said...


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AprilDraven said...

Suburban Hooker: I'm glad you like it :)

Christine: awww Thanks :)

Regina said...


Hat looks awesome. I want it.

I used your link but cannot find this pattern on Annie's Attic.

Decided to check you Etsy store and found it there.

You might want to change the where to get info.


AprilDraven said...

I only put it in my shop because Annie's Attic took it down for some reason. As soon as they put it back up it will no longer be in my shop.

LainneB said...

Hi :P I absolutely love this hat and would really like to purchase the pattern but can't find it on Annie's Attic. Could you shoot me an email at