Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Super Star Slouchy Hat

I made the star stuffie for my daughter and I was staring at it thinking I should make a slouchy hat with a BIG star on it. (lol I have a slouchy hat obsession at the moment) So I did. I used the same colors as the other one because I just love earthy tones :)I think I might use simply soft yarn next time just because it is more flexible. After this post I am going to have to stop for a while. I have a ton of Yule gifts to make and I don't want certain people finding out what their gifts are ;) I will post all the goodness after the holidays though :D

I have the pattern available for $3.00 in My Etsy Shop if anyone is interested.


PaulasHook said...

I think I like the REALLY big star on this one, LOL. BTW, if you do a hat in Simply Soft, Caron is giving away a skein of their yarn (Country, I think) if you send them 4 SS wrappers.

Deneen said...

Great pattern, all of your patterns are terrific and I look forward to making several of the items.

Anonymous said...

Oh another adorable hat pattern :)

Suburban Hooker said...

I like this one better than the last one!! I've made it twice now and I like to make the star with glow in the dark yarn. I have green, which I actually got from Renee up!! I might have enough left to make one big one!! Thanks for another great pattern April. Now go get your Yule gifts made!!!

AprilDraven said...

PaulasHook: Thanks! I will have to check that out :)

Deneen: Thanks! I hope you enjoy them :)

Renee: Thanks! ;)

Suburban Hooker: Thanks :) I need to get some glow in the dark yarn. I love glowy, sparkly, shiny, flashy, stuff :)

Anonymous said...

you know the hat here

Okok, Im using a thinner yarn Wool-Ease so it is smaller stitches, what is the heighth of the finished hat, I do not want to hage it too tall .

Anonymous said...

forgot to add you my e-mail

innerchild777 said...

Lovin' this pattern! I'm almost done with it. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but the pictures helped.
I was making the NIN hat for my brother for Yule, but I took a break to make myself a hat:)

Hey, April, do you make custom patterns? I want a hat with text on it, but am not patter savvy like you. Let me know!


Meranda =] said...

OMG I love this hat soooooo much! Im a star freak( I have 8 stars tattooed on me I go a little over board) but yeah I so wish I had a pay pal account so I could get this pattern, do you have any other ways of accepting money? cuz Im obsessed with this hat now :D

crochetforcancer said...

Hello April. I have been looking for a pattern like this for some time now. I have friend in the Navy that wants a beanie hat with a large star on the top. I think that I could convert your pattern into a beanie hat it would be perfect. Do take another form of payment other than paypal?

Mary Wilson said...

I love the super star slouchy hat. I would really enjoy having the pattern to make it for my granddaughters however I am financially strapped right now since I am on a fixed income and can not afford to apart with a cent. I do hope you will reconsider and post the pattern. God bless you for your kindness

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hencat said...

I love your patterns and this one is no exception. Thank you for your sharing creativity. Also, I was wondering where you get the beautiful mannequin...I crochet hats as well, and I am in need of one sometimes.
Thank you again, your designs are yummy!

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