Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bella's Crochet Mittens *Twilight*

Ok it is just one mitten but I figured it out yay! It always takes me forever to finish mittens. By the time I get one done I don't want to do the other. I just took the one pic and flipped it to make 2. The actual mittens she wears in the movie are knit but I don't know how to knit so I made this.

Ok first step :Crochet a pair of mittens using your favorite pattern

Lay out a mitten and ch a piece from top all the way down to the tip and back up again. (I used an H Hook)

Then sc 2 rows.

Lay piece down on top of mitten then sew where the red lines in the picture are marked.

Then do another long piece the same size as the last one and weave it around. (First mitten in bottom pic) after that sew up the front where the red lines are in the pic. (second mitten in bottom pic)

Next sew all around the edge. Do an up and down stitch as if you were gathering something but don't bunch it. (I don't know what the stitch is called) and not a wrap around stitch. You want it to look like it is bumped up not blended in. (last mitten in bottom pic)

sorry about the horrible drawing. I took pics but the flash made it too bright and you couldn't see it very well. I hope this helps ;D

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tobias007 said...

Great gloves. Love all your stuff.I am wondering if you can share the glove pattern you used I just love the way the bottom is at an angle.

AprilDraven said...

The bottom doesn't really go at an angle it was the angle of the pic that made it look that way. But theoretically you could make a mitten and at the end sc to the point you wanted it to curve then ch 1 and turn, sc to where you want the edge to end, ch 1 turn and go back and forth until it reaches the point you want it (should create a flap) then sc around entire arm hole. I hope that makes sense. That is what I would do to make the mitten have an angle :D

I'm Not Your Fucking Hero said...

What mitten pattern did you use?

AprilDraven said...

I used my own but there are some good ones on the LionBrandYarn website that might work :D

Mrs. Fontana said...

OK, I'd like to know which mitten pattern you used to start with. These are sc all through, and that is the look I'd like. All the patterns I find have ribbing at the bottom around the wrist, but I'm sure I couldn't really figure out the increase or decrease on my own.
Thanks, I LOOOVE these!

AprilDraven said...

Sorry it took so long to respond. I used the Easy Crochet Mittens Pattern. It is in the tags on the left side of my main page said...

thanks so much for sharing your patterns much appreciated :)

WheelerPamperedChef said...

I absolutely LOVE these! I've been searching for a free pattern for a while, gave up, started another pattern that I don't really like (and I'm almost done with the first mitt, gonna take it all out and start on these:D ). But I'm having trouble understanding the cable part. Could you explain it to me please? If it works best to email me, that's fine too. Just let me know and I can give that to you.

WheelerPamperedChef said...

I absolutely LOVE these! I have been looking for a free pattern like this for a while, gave up and started on something else. And I don't even really like it, even though I'm almost done with my first mitt. I'm going to take it out and start on these. I understand the whole mitten, but the cable part still confuses me. I don't know if you would email me? I hope it's not too much trouble!

Amy North said...

I think I just had an epiphany about this pattern. I've been staring at it ALL afternoon trying to figure out how to weave in the 2nd thing, thinking the first one was crocheted directly ONTO the mittens. It's not, though, is it? You gauge the size off the mitten, and then sew the ends and curvy bit, and then crochet another one, and THEN weave it! I get it now! Awesome! :)